Milestones: First Lost Tooth

My big kid lost his first tooth!

Smiling with a missing tooth
Pointing at Lost Tooth
In case you couldn’t tell which one is gone, Sara is excited to show you too

Fortunately, wiggling it out wasn’t traumatic for him at all. Unfortunately, the thought of the Tooth Fairy taking it for good was quite troubling.

He tried to come to grips with surrendering the tooth in order to get a treat, dutifully placing it under his pillow, but the poor guy couldn’t sleep. Soon after Dad finished reading books with him and tucking him into bed, William was downstairs asking to take a few more pictures of the tooth before the Tooth Fairy came and took it away.

One More Picture of Lost Tooth
One last picture of his tooth…

Daddy thought all was well by this point but apparently not. A very distraught William came looking for me, lamenting how much he will “miss this tooth.” We came up with a plan and wrote the tooth fairy a note asking if he could please keep just this first tooth.

Turns out that the Tooth Fairy that visited in the night is the same one from my childhood. Her note back to him said that I did the same thing when I was little! Kind Fairy that she is, still left him a dollar, a special necklace made from shells, and she placed his precious tooth in a velvet box for safekeeping. I wonder if he’ll let her have the next one…

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