Birthday Grammy (and a Pool Noodle Letter Card for Her)

“When I count my blessings, I count you twice.”

~Irish Proverb

If you have Mother-In-Law “issues” then stop reading right now. You will be so horribly annoyed by what an amazing Mom-In-Law I scored when I married Rob that you’ll hate me for gushing about her.

She is reliable, eager to help, never pushy, and exceptionally respectful of my and Rob’s parenting. Ever since the kids were bottle-trained, she has kept a weekly morning “date” with each child coming to her place, forging a wonderful bond with each of them. And she is always so incredibly kind, telling me what a great job I’m doing with the kids, reminding me that motherhood isn’t an easy job so it’s no wonder I get tired, and continually giving me compassionate feedback Moms rarely hear since performance reviews aren’t part of the job description.

Tomorrow is her birthday and to you dear Ellen, dear Grammy, dear friend, I say THANK YOU for all the love and support you give to our family. We love you.

The kids and I are taking her out for a little birthday breakfast tomorrow morning and naturally, all of the plans for homemade cards and gifts didn’t come to fruition.  However, in a fleeting moment of creative clarity, I thought of photographing “Kid Letters” to spell “WE LOVE YOU.”  My 5-year-old William actually got really excited about it (Sara was not nearly as amused as you can tell from her absence in the photos). Some letters were easier than others but with a little photo trimming and faith that Grammy will love anything involving her grandkids, it should turn out fine.

By the way, thank you, pool noodles, not just for people with pools:

Kids Making a Pool Noodle Letter V
The Letter O Pool Noodle
Boy Holding Pool Noodle Letter U
Pool Noodle X

That brilliant boy thought of turning the letters into a big banner–perfect since I didn’t have any nice paper large enough for the letters.

Birthday Letter Banner

And that darling girl put on one of her fanciest dresses to pose by their masterpiece.

Kids under the Birthday Letter Banner
Look close (at the banner, not the goofy kids) and you’ll see that almost any photo can be trimmed into a letter for this type of Banner Birthday Card
Kids with Grammy after her birthday breakfast

After our breakfast with Grammy… guess I’m extra lucky that we got some smiling photos of William for her banner and not a silly face in every one. Ah, the fun of being five…


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