Blending Cultures

Talk about blending cultures, in the short span of one week, our family celebrated Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, and Diwali.

For a mom like me who once worried whether our secular family would have enough meaningful rituals to embrace, this weird and wonderful blend of cultures and traditions couldn’t make me happier.

5 Easy Ways To Blend Other Cultures into Your Family Traditions

  • Celebrations: Who doesn’t love a party? This is how we got started. Books like Children Just Like Me:  Celebrations and Celebrate! provide excellent inspiration.
  • Globes: A must have in every home. Kids love “I Spy” and searching games. Let them search for their own home, Grandma’s house, then expand their search to countries that you want to learn more about. A simple globe will do but there are fancy ones to choose from as well.
  • Crafts: We like Global Art, a book with all kinds of ideas but there are also tons of wonderful online resources. Just search for “Global Crafts” or “Traditional (insert nationality here) Crafts” and you’ll be amazed by what you find.
  • Food: Take it beyond tacos and stir-fry (no offense against either of those staples in my family’s diet). Have your kids tried fondue yet? How about sushi? Trader Joe’s makes a fun cookbook for inspiration or you may want to check this one out for lunchbox ideas.
  • Music: Putumayo makes an incredible selection of CDs from around the world. Throw in some musical instruments and you’re ready to celebrate!

Here’s a little peek at our week around the world:


Dia de los Muertos:




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