On The First Day of Fall…

No partridges or pear trees here. On this appropriately chilly and overcast first day of Fall, my true love gave to me, a lovely mobile made of leaves from a tree. READ MORE

Pinch Pot Pumpkins… and a Ghost

We took the classic pinch pot a step further and shaped our pots into spheres (I’ll admit that I helped quite a bit with this step) then “carved” them like pumpkins. A toothpick or pencil works well for the little ones to draw the face onto the clay. Then a grown up can use a sharp exacto knife (keep out of kid’s reach) to cut the kid’s design into the clay. READ MORE

Kindergartners and Sticks: A Painting Project

No, this isn’t a story about sword fights (though I have to admit I was nervous about that happening), it’s my story about making Garden Art Sticks with a group of fifteen 5- and 6-year olds. I found this idea on a wonderful blog and thought it would be a great project for our Kindergarten class to make for our school’s bi-annual auction.