Blending Cultures

Talk about blending cultures, in the short span of one week, our family celebrated Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, and Diwali. READ MORE

No-Sew Animal Masks

Forest Animal Masks

Once the Forest Fairy and Animal party theme was approved by my Birthday Girl, fun ideas were abundant. Simple, affordable, and quick ideas, however, weren’t as easy to come up with. Enter Pinterest, a world of nothing but cool ideas to browse. READ MORE

A Forest Fairy Fourth Birthday

Sara with Birthday Cake

Once we said “Goodbye” to Hello Kitty and welcomed the Forest Fairy & Animal Theme, Sara came up with a modest guest list of six girls and six boys ranging in ages 3 to 6. Twelve kids might not sound like a big party but we learned that a dozen kids can be just as wild as thirty when you invite two pairs of rambunctious brothers. HOLY COW (and I say this with deep respect and admiration for the patient parents of these pairs of lovable boys). It was a wild ride but also one very fun and very happy celebration. READ MORE