Sidewalk Paint Recipe

Many recipes for Sidewalk Paint can be found online but the basic formula is one part water + one part cornstarch + drops of food coloring. Of course, Crayola makes Sidewalk Paint too and you’re probably already familiar with their wonderful Sidewalk Chalk but this was a fun activity using simple ingredients from our kitchen. READ MORE

Best Art Supplies for Kids

An educator for more than 35 years, our dear Teacher Nancy heads the “art department” (also known as a wild and wonderful room full of creative, mind-expanding tools, supplies and surfaces) for our preschool bunch.


Play Mats and Ponies

Horses are Sara’s favorite animal these days, better yet if they have wings (the Breyer Wind Dancer ponies are at the top of her Christmas list) or unicorn horns. Her passion for ponies inspired this homemade play mat as a gift for a preschool girlfriend turning 5 but we also ended up making one for her to keep, then William joined in on the fun and made one for his cars. READ MORE

Gratitude Tree

All it took was some paper grocery bags and duct tape to make a pretty little gratitude tree.

First we cut the bags open to form a long rectangle then rolled and twisted them into “branches.” The gold tape wrapped around parts of the paper added a nice bit of sparkle, READ MORE