Forcing Plants to Grow

It sounds rather pushy, “forcing plants to grow,” but this particular kind of forcing is fun! Who knows, if we nurture an interest in gardening early, maybe we won’t have to “force” our kids to help with weeding later? Ha! Wishful thinking! Simple activities like forcing plants to grow help spark children’s curiosity about the natural world.


Planting Seeds with Kids

Planting seeds with kids is an easy and inexpensive opportunity to spend time together and teach at the same time. My children are in awe of the sprouts that emerge from what look like dry little specks. All it takes is a little soil, some seeds, simple containers, water, and a little warmth and light.


Gardening with Kids

Dig in (literally)! Gardening is the perfect opportunity to connect with your kids and nature, and experience some teachable fun.


Cha Cha Cha Chia

Loaded with fiber, healthy omega-3 oils, and antioxidants, Chia seeds are good for a whole lot more than growing “hair” on terra-cotta Chia figurines. Health food stores are overflowing with expensive Chia-filled products but we’ve been buying it in bulk and experimenting at home. READ MORE