The Incredible Beauty of Spider Webs

Do you ever stop and ponder the incredible beauty of spider webs? It’s late fall here in the Pacific Northwest and the spiders are busy adorning branches and bushes with their handiwork. With drops of dew lighting it up in the morning sun, this spider web caught my eye from across our yard. It measures at least 30 feet wide! READ MORE

Pinecone Leaf Bats

Don’t you love when proof of your efforts comes back to you in a positive way? My five-year-old son, William, surprised me with the greatest little nature craft the other day. READ MORE

An Earthy Earth Day

Sara and I tagged along with William’s preschool for a lovely hike in the woods at Bellevue’s Mercer Slough Nature Park , a 320-acre wetland area with miles of wonderful (easy, flat, stroller-friendly, lots to look at) trails for kids. READ MORE