Junior Ranger Birthday Party

Want to throw a Junior Ranger birthday party for your little nature lover? We had so much fun with this theme.

Not only did 7-year-old William’s idea align beautifully with our family’s love of nature and National Parks, it also made it easy to throw the party outside where the party animals could run free! READ MORE

Kelsey Creek Farm Park, Bellevue

Big White Barn at Kelsey Creek Farm Park
Blue sky and sunshine awaited us at Kelsey Creek Farm Park this bright spring morning. The air was frigid but we were all smiles heading to the barns to meet Farmer Jayne. She runs a fantastic farm kids program that gives kids a behind-the-scenes look at how the farm animals are cared for at the park and offers group tours and classes for kids.
Kids Feeding the Piglets at Kelsey Creek Farm Park
We fed the pigs (pellets for the babies and a whopping big pumpkin for the 600+ pounds hefty girl), petted LucyBelle the growing calf and one of the goats (can’t remember if it was Bert or Ernie but the names made a lasting impression on the kids).

Pink Piglets at Kelsey Creek Farm Park

Then the kids got to touch a baby chick and pet a velvety black bunny. The grand finale was planting pumpkin seeds and with any luck (plus sunshine, warmth, and water) we’ll go back to watch them grow all summer long then see them harvested in the fall.
Knowing what a soaking wet spring it has been so far, we were prepared for mud with our weatherproof boots. Sara insisted on shorts despite the 40-something degree temperature (this is a battle I no longer engage in, rather I bring extra clothes just in case), but my little man buckled up his overalls in true farm fashion. The tour only lasted about 30 minutes but that was perfect for the attention span of our group of 2-5 year olds. Most of us stuck around afterward for a picnic and playtime at the playground and oh my… here is where the real fun began.

One word: MUD!

Kids Wading in a Mud Puddle

I consider myself very lucky to have friends who revel in this kind of activity for their children as much as I do.

Kids in a Big Mud Puddle

Big Mucky Mud Puddly

Sitting in the Mucky Mud

This moment was a lovely reminder of what a good teacher my little girl is. Turns out, shorts were perfect for her today… and so was the extra change of clothes. We wandered out of the park feeling satisfied, tired, and happy with the sunshine on our backs. Now, one bath, one load of laundry, many bike rides and one rainstorm later, I am one happy Momma.
Kids at Kelsey Creek Farm Park