Creating Open-Ended Play Opportunities

Sara, my ‘baby’ girl, started Kindergarten last week and having both of my kids in elementary school has inspired me to create more open-ended playing & learning opportunities for them at home.  READ MORE

Best Paints for Preschoolers

An educator for more than 35 years, our dear Teacher Nancy heads the “art department” (also known as a wild and wonderful room full of creative, mind-expanding tools, supplies and surfaces) for our preschool bunch.


Gardening with Kids

Dig in (literally)! Gardening is the perfect opportunity to connect with your kids and nature, and experience some teachable fun.


First Day of First Grade for My First

No identification card or bus details pinned to his shirt, no tears at the bus stop, no special orientation for parents or kids this year… my 6-year-old dove into First Grade full speed ahead and he couldn’t be more thrilled. READ MORE