Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Why is it that on the day of the year that honors you most, I seem to suck at getting you a proper Mother’s Day gift? Is it because I’m horribly disorganized? Maybe… Is it because I can’t read a calendar? Um, no… Is it because I don’t love you much? Absolutely not! READ MORE

The Wisdom of Daddy: Building Confidence

On a recent play date, my friend (a Dad) and I took the kids to Duthie Hill Park, known for a remarkable mountain bike trail system. The 6-year-old “big kids” (my son and his daughter) hit the trail on bikes with him while our younger ones (girls ages 3 ½ and 4) walked with me. Our plan wasn’t specific but he mentioned there was a big open space with a BMX track “in the middle” and they planned to ride there a bit.