Celebrations Around the World

Every season is full of celebrations around the world but what a “trip” we took this month! In the short span of a week, our family celebrated Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, and Diwali with friends.

Learning about and experiencing traditions from all around the world enriches our lives so deeply. I’m so grateful to live in our diverse community with friends who are willing to share their culture and traditions with us.

Here’s a little peek at our week around the world:


Dia de los Muertos:



5 Easy Ways To Enjoy Celebrations From Around the World

Children Just Like Me Celebrations Around the World book
  • Globes: A must have in every home. Kids love “I Spy” and searching games. Let them search for their own home, Grandma’s house, then expand their search to countries that you want to learn more about. A standard globe will do but there are fancy interactive ones to choose from as well.
  • Crafts: Global Art is a fantastic book with all kinds of ideas and we also love The Kids’ Multicultural Art Book. When kids have an opportunity to really get their hands and their own creativity into a project, they can really connect to another culture.
Global Art book
  • Food: Take dinner beyond tacos or stir-fry (no offense against either of these delicious staples in my family’s diet). Have your kids tried fondue? How about curry or sushi? The World in My Kitchen and Around the World Cookbook are excellent kid-friendly cookbooks that offer all kinds of inspiration. You might also try putting some delicious new foods in their lunch box.
Around the World Cookbook
  • Music: From Italy to the Andes, from Africa to Brazil (and most places in between!) Putumayo makes an incredible selection of CDs from around the world. Throw some musical instruments into the mix and you’re ready to celebrate!