Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Why is it that on the day of the year that honors you most, I seem to suck at getting you a proper Mother’s Day gift? Is it because I’m horribly disorganized? Maybe… Is it because I can’t read a calendar? Um, no… Is it because I don’t love you much? Absolutely not!

Mom holding my hand

It’s because I’m a Mom now too and most days, I’m lucky to just get lunches packed in time to get my kids delivered where they need to be. I’m scrambling around sorting and picking up toys, doing laundry, bouncing from room to room forgetting why I’m there, making piles of kids’ masterpieces to organize one day, grocery shopping, volunteering in classrooms, picking my kids up, dropping my kids off, setting up play dates, paying overdue book fines at the library, prepping art projects, making craft supplies, mediating sibling disputes, weeding and watering the garden, emptying the dishwasher, filling up the kiddie pool, retrieving balls and rockets strewn around the yard, cooking or assembling breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, and generally trying to get more organized (yet usually being distracted then paralyzed by the myriad other things that require organization).

… but I love you a ton and I wish I had my act together enough to send a proper gift that shows you just how much I love you.

The great thing is that you’re my Mom and I believe you know how much I love you no matter what. You are the one who taught me to be a totally hands-on Momma. As I scramble around and struggle to keep track of lost socks and Lego pieces, the love I feel for you and the love you have given me over the years energizes me and shows up in every part of my crazy day.

Grandma and Sara

Thank you for being the loving Mother that you are. Thank you for teaching me to always appreciate the beauty around me. Thank you for being such an amazing example of strength in the face of adversity. Thank you for your unflinching, unwavering support in every situation. Thank you for being such a fun Mom. Thank you for inspiring me to work hard and aim high. Thank you for eagerly sharing your creativity (and for all the incredible artwork that now decorates my home). Thank you for showering my kids with love and being such a wonderful “Cuckoo Grandma.” Most of all, thank you for being you and thank you for loving me.

Feeding birds with my mom

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. So even though I can’t get my act together to send you a proper gift on this special day, I love you dearly and promise to make it up to you on your birthday. 🙂



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