Easy Heart Art “Scribbles”

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My kids have been making “scribble art” since they could hold a pencil. This variation is super easy “heart art” for Valentine’s Day.

Scribble art is a fantastic confidence builder because there is no wrong way to do it and it always turns out pretty. I’ve also witnessed (and experienced) it being a wonderfully relaxing exercise for kids and grown-ups!

with warm & cool colors

The only supplies you need are:

  • A Black Sharpie
  • White Paper
  • Oil Pastels
  • (it helps to have a set with at least 4 or 5 cool tones (varying shades of blue and green) and 4 or 5 warm tones (varying shades of red, yellow and orange) Pentel makes great student-grade ones or you can spend a little more for Prismacolor if you’re serious about using them more often.

Step-by-Step Easy Heart Art

First, draw a big heart onto your paper.

Big heart drawn on paper

Next, starting right on top of one of the heart lines (so no end of your line shows), begin “scribbling.” Make sure to draw nice big, open shapes as you go. If the spaces are too small, they will be difficult to color in with the oil pastels.

Scribble drawings with the heart shape

It’s hard to see the heart now, isn’t it? One way to make the heart stand out is to use cool colors for the background and warm colors for the heart.

Background in Cool colors

Cool colors are all shades of blue and green, and the more blue-toned shades of purple (violet). I left out the purple because some of my purples are borderline warm-toned and I didn’t want to lose the impact of the contrasting warm and cool colors. Color in each background shape with a different cool tone, avoiding repeating the same color too close to itself.

One red spot colored in heart

See how the red really “pops” against the cool background? If you’re interested in color theory, then you might like to know that red and green are complimentary or contrasting colors. They are opposites on the color wheel. The same goes for blue with orange and purple with yellow.

Finished warm scribble heart on cool background

Viola! There is your heart art!

Variations & Other Easy Heart Art

This idea works with any shape that looks good as a silhouette. We’ve made reindeer, trees and stars around Christmas time and pumpkin shapes for Halloween. It doesn’t matter if you use warm or cool colors for the background or the shape. The idea is just to create a striking contrast using color so whatever shape you choose really stands out.

Speaking of shapes and mixing them up depending on the season, another super easy heart art project would be making Sun Catchers. Follow the same instructions as the Fall Sun Catchers but cut out heart shapes instead!

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