Fall Leaf Garlands

Combining ideas from two of my favorite Mommy Blogs, we made beautiful leaf garlands today.

Hanging Leaf Garland on ribbon with mod podge leaves and candy corn

All it took was colorful fall leaves, candy corn, a few rolls of $1 ribbon from Michael’s, plus a loaded glue gun and we were ready to roll… well, almost. To preserve the color and suppleness of our leaves, we pressed them overnight then painted both sides with Mod Podge (thank you Artful Parent for the instructions).


After my children got over the shock and absolute thrill that their usually au naturale Mommy bought candy corn (the kids send extra special thanks to Make & Takes for this suggestion), they “helped out” by disposing of eating the broken candies that weren’t decoration-worthy.

Kid sampling candy corn while making leaf garland

(Notice our Sun-Catchers and Sara’s preschool Fall-Mobile behind the silly boy.)

Then they laid out repeating patterns of leaves and candy corn along their ribbons and secured them with a glue gun.

Normally I’m the only one to use the glue gun but today I let the kids give it a try (with close supervision and assistance of course) and even higher than kites on sugar, they didn’t get a single burn but I came away with two… no fair. Maybe candy corn improves dexterity, I’ll have to try some next time.

The garlands looked great at this point and William decided he was finished. Sara, however, saw than glitter glue was an option and couldn’t resist. I was careful to only put out the golden and bronze tones so they didn’t turn psychedelic but the added sparkle made them look even more festive.

Our garlands now hang from the ceiling above our kitchen island where we alway seem to congregate… hopefully they’re hanging out of reach from kids temped to nibble on the candy corn.

Hanging Leaf Garland

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