Fall Sun-Catchers

Dark, wet and gray days are in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest but we didn’t let that stop us from making Fall-Themed Sun-Catchers. Sara had a great time making these simple decorations and one day the sun will peek through the clouds and we’ll be able to enjoy them in their full glory.

Pumpkin Sun Catcher
Pumpkin Sun Catcher

One of the best parts of this little project is the simple supplies:  q-tips, baby oil, construction paper, and scissors. All you do is cut shapes then let your little one “paint” on them with oil using a q-tip.

The very best part was watching Sara’s surprise and joy when she held her shapes up to the window. Like magic, light (even dim Northwest Fall light) shines through all the places the oil has saturated, creating a beautiful glow.

Preschooler holding sun catcher to light

Preschooler Pointers:  If your four-year-old is anything like mine, s/he will want to apply a lot of oil (see the top leaves on the photo below). Either use this craft as an opportunity to teach them about gravity and dripping or encourage them to dip into the oil lightly with their q-tips (putting the oil in a thin layer on a dish might help with this–I used a baby jar for her to dip in so it was no wonder she came out with lots of oil on her q-tip). Happy Sun-Catching!

Proud Preschooler with her Fall Sun Catchers




How cute are those?!! I am saving these ideas for when my niece is old enough to do more than throw toys around and stomp all over things.


Think of all the Large Motor Development she’s working on now (and all the exercise she is giving your brother & sis in law). 🙂 Thanks for visiting, one of these days we’ll catch up in person (California sunshine is calling me)…

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