Making a Gratitude Tree

All it took was some paper grocery bags, leaves and gold duct tape to make a pretty little gratitude tree for a Thanksgiving activity and decoration.First we cut the bags open to form a long rectangle then rolled and twisted them into “branches.” The gold tape wrapped around parts of the paper added a nice bit of sparkle, helped hold everything together, and gave us a way to hang our tree using the sticky tip of some of the tape to attach the tree against the wall.

Happy to have leftover Mod-Podged leaves from our Garland project (and determined to find a use for them), we used a sharpie to write our words on the leaves. Then we tucked them into the sticky spots of tape to set them in place. Construction paper would have worked just fine (possibly better since it’s easier to write on) but we liked natural touch with the pretty leaves.

William said he is grateful for friends and our warm house. Sara said she is grateful for laughing and books… but then at bedtime she asked what “grateful” really means. After getting a better understanding, she shared all the things she is grateful for (including our fridge, the toilet, her horse toys, and princesses). Then she got a huge smile on her face and proclaimed, “I know! I’m grateful for our gratitude tree!”