Green Kid Crafts Review

We received our first kit from Green Kid Crafts yesterday and what struck me most was the delightful simplicity of the activities.

This box was weather-themed. We received supplies and instructions for a windsock, weather station, and a cloud identifier. With materials of mostly paper and felt, there was very little waste. And to encourage reuse, there is even a fun little contest for kids to get crafty with the shipping box.

Kid-Made Weather Station

Sara, age 5, was most delighted by these activities.

Ribbon Dance Ring from Green Kid Crafts

Here is Sara’s finished Wind Sock/Ribbon Dance Ring. The pictures tell the story of one VERY satisfied Green Kid Crafts customer.

Extend the Fun: To save money and in the spirit of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, we only ordered the Single Kit. Then we figured out ways to share the fun between both kids by using materials we already had on hand.

This month it was easy. We cut the provided Velcro dots in half to share between my two kids. We already had plenty of felt, ribbons, and paper on hand. Finding a ring to make another wind sock was trickier (the Green Kid Crafts kit came with a lovely metal ring to tie ribbons on). We finally found a couple silly plastic glow bracelets left over from Halloween (no longer glowing, of course). Two of those stuck together made a perfect sized ring. Then we simply tied ribbons (cut into approximately 24″ lenghts) onto it and let the fun begin!

Rainbow windsock