Incredible Webs

Who needs Halloween decorations when the spiders are busy adorning branches and bushes with their handiwork? With drops of dew lighting it up in the morning sun, this spider web caught my eye from far across our yard. It measures at least 30 feet wide.

Spiderweb at the edge of the forest


Big Spiderweb
Spiderweb up close
Spider in a web

It’s hard to believe they build these magnificent webs only to catch prey. Surely, there is some other motivation behind the beauty of their architecture.

For now we’ll just appreciate this wonder of nature and leave their masterpieces undisturbed (at least the webs outdoors, I’m afraid the inside spiders will be gently escorted out our back door–spider webs are lovely, cobwebs not so much).

Did you know? Hummingbirds harvest spider webs to add to their nests and help hold them together.



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