Leaf People… Revisited

Making Leaf People was such a fun activity as a Kindergarten Art Project last year that we’re doing it again. This time we have a few tips to keep your creation looking pretty longer.

All you need is glue stick, heavy paper, googly eyes, and leaves (plus an optional Sharpie marker if you want to let the kids make extra embellishments).

Step 1: Gather a mix of leaves in all colors, shapes and sizes.

Fall Leaves

Step 2:  Talk to the kids about what they want to make and have them experiment with layouts of leaves plus googly eyes before getting into the glue. Leaf people are fun but who knows, maybe they’ll decide to make a leaf dog or lion if they like the way their leaves look. If your kids are anything like mine, they may want to use 25 eyes and make an alien.. the opportunities are endless.

Step 3:  Use generous amounts of glue stick to adhere the leaves to paper and to one another.

Step 4:  Glue on eyeballs and if you want to, let the kids use the Sharpie pen to embellish their creation. Originally I offered the Sharpie for kids to write their names on their paper but the kids had other ideas… (a good reminder for me to not place things out unless I’m OK with young artists doing whatever they want with the tools).

Leaf Lady
This student added cute little eyelashes and a nose to her lovely leaf lady, along with a bit of blue sky in the background
Leaf Guy
William decided his Leaf Guy should be in a boat

Step 5:  This is something we skipped last time and the result was curling, crumbling leaves as they dried (see two pictures above). To solve this, simply place a heavy book on the picture to help flatten the leaves as the glue dries. Then apply a layer of Mod Podge (I prefer the Matte version) to seal everything up. This will help preserve the shape and color of your leaf creations.

Step 6:  Make one yourself, these are fun!

Leaf People
My little leaf family


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