Natural Dye for Easter Eggs

Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, I decided to attempt making natural dyes for Easter Egg decorating. The kids were really into it and wanted to add all kinds of things…pepper, lettuce, various toys, you name it.

Making Natural Egg Dyes

After a lively discussion and much refrigerator-searching, we decided on onion skins, beets, huckleberries, and kale.

Using Natural Egg Dye

The result was a slightly funky-smelling house (the kale was a day or two past its prime) and rather attractive pastel-colored eggs if I do say so myself. I cheated and added a few drops of food coloring into the yellow and the green because I was afraid we didn’t have enough material to make very intense colors…. but the ones that were truly all natural (beet and huckleberry) turned out the best anyway.

Boy with Egg

Happy Easter, Everyone!

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