Tooth Fairy Trouble

Wiggly for weeks, William’s second tooth finally came out. This one was a little stubborn but my boy boldly lassoed it with a piece of floss and made it come tumbling onto the bathroom counter (and thankfully not right down the drain, that was a close one). READ MORE

The Incredible Beauty of Spider Webs

Do you ever stop and ponder the incredible beauty of spider webs? It’s late fall here in the Pacific Northwest and the spiders are busy adorning branches and bushes with their handiwork. With drops of dew lighting it up in the morning sun, this spider web caught my eye from across our yard. It measures at least 30 feet wide! READ MORE

Boeing’s Museum of Flight

Long before Starbucks, Microsoft, and (and the whole dot com phenomenon for that matter) Seattle was all about Boeing. Even now, since their headquarters moved to Chicago, Boeing is still the Seattle area’s largest employer and a huge presence in the community. READ MORE

Leaf People… Revisited

Making Leaf People was such a fun activity as a Kindergarten Art Project last year that we’re doing it again. This time we have a few tips to keep your creation looking pretty longer.

All you need is glue stick, heavy paper, googly eyes, and leaves (plus an optional Sharpie marker if you want to let the kids make extra embellishments). READ MORE