Blending Cultures

Talk about blending cultures, in the short span of one week, our family celebrated Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, and Diwali. READ MORE

Creating Open-Ended Play Spaces: First Steps

When I decided to create more open-ended play spaces in our home, I wasn’t sure where to start. Even though I’ve attempted to be thoughtful about toy purchases and arts and craft supplies over the years, I’m afraid we’ve accumulated way too much stuff. And usually, I’m so busy trying to keep said stuff from literally covering our floors that I rarely pause to take a closer look. READ MORE

Planting Seeds with Kids

Planting seeds with kids is an easy and inexpensive way to spend time together and teach at the same time. My children are in awe of the sprouts that emerge from what looked like dry little specks and all it takes is a little soil, some seeds, simple containers, water, and a little warmth and light.

Ring Around the Maypole

As the name suggests, a Maypole is a tall pole erected on May Day (May 1st) or Pentecost (in many European countries), or on the first day of summer (in Scandinavian countries). READ MORE