Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Why is it that on the day of the year that honors you most, I seem to suck at getting you a proper Mother’s Day gift? Is it because I’m horribly disorganized? Maybe… Is it because I can’t read a calendar? Um, no… Is it because I don’t love you much? Absolutely not! READ MORE

Sidewalk Paint Recipe

Many recipes for Sidewalk Paint can be found online but the basic formula is one part water + one part cornstarch + drops of food coloring. Of course, Crayola makes Sidewalk Paint too and you’re probably already familiar with their wonderful Sidewalk Chalk but this was a fun activity using simple ingredients from our kitchen. READ MORE

Playing in the Snow

It’s been a mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest so we’ve ventured into the Cascade Mountains for snow play this year. We’re lucky that we don’t have to travel far to find a winter wonderland.

We’re also lucky to have a library nearby because when my kids asked, “Where does snow come from, Mommy?” my vague explanation about moisture, clouds, and temperature didn’t seem sufficient. The Story of Snow took our understanding of those lovely frozen flakes to a whole new level. READ MORE

Best Art Supplies for Kids

An educator for more than 35 years, our dear Teacher Nancy heads the “art department” (also known as a wild and wonderful room full of creative, mind-expanding tools, supplies and surfaces) for our preschool bunch.