Ring Around the Maypole

As the name suggests, a Maypole is a tall pole erected on May Day (May 1st) or Pentecost (in many European countries), or on the first day of summer (in Scandinavian countries). While the symbolism of the Maypole remains a mystery, dancing around it is always part of the celebration, often while holding ribbons that wrap around and make a wonderful tangle of colors along the entire length of the pole.

We got to join in the celebration fun this year at Jubilee Farm, our beloved CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in Carnation, Washington.

Maypole at Jubilee Farm



Want to learn more about Scandinavian Traditions? SHOP TEACHABLE TRAVEL:  SCANDINAVIA






Ring Around the Maypole














Ribbons around the Maypole














Tying a child to the pole is not customary… our inventive friends came up with this last part all on their own.

Getting tied to the Maypole

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