Sidewalk Paint Recipe

Many recipes for Sidewalk Paint can be found online but the basic formula is one part water + one part cornstarch + drops of food coloring. Of course, Crayola makes Sidewalk Paint too and you’re probably already familiar with their wonderful Sidewalk Chalk but this was a fun activity using simple ingredients from our kitchen.

Sidewalk Paint

Because my cornstarch supply was running low (and because we like to experiment) my sidewalk paint recipe also included arrowroot and baking soda in place of the cornstarch and liquid watercolors in place of water and food coloring. The result? Wonderfully vibrant paints and creative, happy kids making our driveway a much brighter place.

Girl using Sidewalk Paint

As the paint dried in the containers (we used plastic freezer jam jars), the colors made with cornstarch or arrowroot became too thick to spread (they pretty much turned into the strange and wonderful gooey concoction called oobleck) but a little water and a good hard stir turned them back into usable paint.

Fuchsia Sidewalk Paint

The paints made with baking soda had one more benefit… the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar made a wonderful fizz!

Baking Soda Paint Bubbles with Vinegar
Sidewalk Paint with Baking Soda Fizzes with Vinegar

Do you have a favorite Sidewalk Paint Recipe that is different from this version? Please share!


Janelle S. Gay

I only made enough sidewalk paint for onetime use but if I were you, I’d double it up and store it in glass baby food jars for later.


Hi Janelle! We used those plastic freezer jam jars to store the extra paint but baby food jars would work great too. Thank you for the suggestion and for stopping by.

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