Teachable Moment: Charity

An incredibly powerful way to get children involved in charity is through your local food bank. Kids easily relate to the basic need for food but until you ask them to really think about it, most assume that everyone simply buys food from the store.While my 4- and 6-year olds understand the concept of money, I doubt they’ve thought much about a family not having enough to purchase a loaf of bread.

A perfect opportunity to get involved came to us through our favorite local grocery store, PCC (Puget Consumer’s Co-Op). They organize regular “Packaging Parties” where volunteers bag up bulk items such as beans, rice, nuts, and flour for food banks in various neighborhoods. This program helps countless families and the experience is absolutely wonderful for kids to do some hands-on helping. For more information, visit Kid Serve Global (currently lists only Seattle area events).

This year, to help our kids understand their responsibility to give back to our community we decided to add a Neighborhood Food Drive to our growing list of Holiday Activities.

All we’re doing is stopping by each neighbor’s home to deliver a little flyer asking folks to leave their donations on their doorsteps next weekend. I’ll probably send an e-mail reminder to our neighbors and then we’ll go out and pick everything up with their little Red Flyer Wagon, load up our car then like happy, helpful elves, deliver it to the Food Bank.

Please contact me if you’d like a copy of our flyer (as a Word Document) to customize and use in your own neighborhood.



This is a wonderful way to get kids involved! inspirational! I’m going to add this to our advent list. And keep it to one day, just popping around the neighborhood offering to take any items people have on hand to the food bank. I like the organization and longer term project you have done here. I feel the need to keep it simple.

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