Tooth Fairy Trouble

Wiggly for weeks, William’s second tooth finally came out. This one was a little stubborn but my boy boldly lassoed it with a piece of floss and made it come tumbling onto the bathroom counter (and thankfully not right down the drain, that was a close one).

Lost Tooth

As William held and inspected his prized tooth, his eyes lit up with wonder then darkened when he remembered the next step… business with the Tooth Fairy.  “Will you be able to let this one go?” I asked him, and the poor guy almost started to cry.  “OK,” I said, “you can ask if it’s alright to keep this one too but you’ll have to write the note to the Tooth Fairy yourself.”

His thoughtful note looked like this:

Letter to the Tooth Fairy
Translation: “Dear Tooth Fairy, I am still not ready to let you have my tooth but when my next tooth falls out you can have it. Love, William PS. Thank you.”

Thankfully, the Tooth Fairy is kind and she left him a sparkling crystal prism, $1 and this gentle response that will hopefully help him realize that it’s OK to let his little ivory gems be taken away…

My Darling Boy,
Don’t you know?
Your teeth make my magic grow.
Without them I’d be an ordinary fairy
then how could I make children so merry?
You may keep this tooth that you hold so dear
but next time keep your promise, I must be clear.
Perhaps giving me your next tooth won’t feel so wrong
now that you know you’ll be keeping my magic strong.
Sweet dreams, dear William, and sweet daytimes too
this crystal will bring a smile whenever you feel blue.
The Tooth Fairy

I asked him how he thought the Tooth Fairy would use his teeth. He said “Maybe she pays for the goodies she leaves under kids’ pillows with them, like a store where they take teeth for money.”

We’ll see how the next one goes but if he is sad about it, we just may have to come up with a new tradition for lost teeth. William’s reaction got me thinking, this one may not be a good fit for us and I certainly don’t have to force the Tooth Fairy onto our kids…

How about you, do your kids hate parting with their lost teeth? Have you modified some of the classic traditions to suit your family better?

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