What I’ve Learned from Blogging & Why I’m Back

You may have noticed that Small Hands Big World went quiet for a while but I’m back! Getting online and writing again has me thinking about what I’ve learned from blogging and why I decided to give it another go.

Practicing What I Preach

I’m always telling my kids “be yourself” and “other people’s opinions don’t matter the most, it’s how you feel that matters.” We keep them off of social media for this reason. I don’t want their self esteem to come from the approval of others. I don’t want them to constantly compare themselves to their peers. Nor do I want them to feel pain or embarrassment from cruel judgments that are flippantly typed and texted online for all to see.

Part of the reason that I stopped blogging was my own fear of being judged. Thankfully there were no cruel comments… rather, all I mostly heard crickets! I started wondering, does anyone besides my Mom, Mother-in-Law, and that one dear, super-supportive friend read this?! The truth is, I shouldn’t care!

Are they looking at my site? OMG, did they click “like?” It doesn’t matter.

Even if they are the only people reading (hi Moms & Stephanie! ❤️) then at least I’m staying connected to (and hopefully sometimes entertaining) them. It’s healthy to take some risks and be open and vulnerable even if nobody notices.

Writing Uncovers Deeper Truths

Let’s face it, being a stay-at-home parent is not an easy job. The day to day work of keeping a family well fed, in clean clothes, and driven to all of their activities and appointments can be monotonous. And that’s just the tip of the parenting iceberg.

When I pause and take a moment to do something creative, it interrupts that boredom. Writing reminds me that, beyond the endless laundry and meal prep, there is a whole world inside my mind. Then, like a line of dominos falling, the moments of clarity that come with writing remind me of my deeper purpose. Caring for my family gives me great fulfillment and joy, laundry pile and all!

My very smart friend, Jennifer Miller, recently wrote about this in an article titled: Hoping and Dreaming for our Brand New Year on her blog, Confident Parents Confident Kids. Like all of her posts, this one includes helpful tips and questions to ask yourself. But what stuck with me most was her brilliant illustration: “Caring For Our Family Makes My Life Meaningful.”

How sweet is this?! All of Jennifer Miller’s illustrations are amazing but this one came at the perfect time and brought me great joy.

Lifelong Learning is Deeply Fulfilling

Creative endeavors often open up doors. When I first started blogging, I realized how much I enjoyed learning WordPress and creating websites. I got past my fear of not knowing computer language and totally taught myself to build websites from scratch.

Learning all of this greatly helped my self esteem and confidence. Especially after choosing to leave my career behind to be a stay-at-home, it helped to do something to keep up with technology. Plus, it allowed me to get a little “Side Hustle” going. I now work as a freelancer building websites and helping other people get their businesses online.

hello written in pretty hand lettering

What’s next? Staying curious about all that there is to learn is important. My next skill to work on is Drawing (I’m reading and doing the DVD lessons from Betty Edward’s classic Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain). Also, starting with a book called Brush Pen Lettering, I amlearning how to do fancy hand lettering!

Focusing on What Matters

After staying away a couple of years, coming back and re-reading my blog was interesting. I was able to look at my posts with fresh eyes and gain clarity about my mission here.

Realizing that my topics are a bit all over the place, three words kept coming to mind:

Creativity, Connection, and Curiosity. What I’ve learned from blogging (and why I’m back) is that these are important things, in my life and in my family’s life. These are the values that I want to share with our kids. If I can stay focused on nurturing just a little more curiosity, creativity and connection here, it will be worth doing.

Thank you for reading!


Jennifer Miller

Oh this post is so wonderful and am super honored to be a part of it! Thank you! I really love that you called out your mission and guiding purpose words – creativity, connection, curiosity. Your writing is beautiful and it so captures why I write too. It truly advances my purpose, helps me reflect on my day-to-day life in a deeper way than I ever would make time for otherwise, and connect me to my passion for my family and the importance of family.
Congrats on your re-entry! I’m sure you’ll bring a fresh perspective with this new commitment.
BEST! and Happy Writing!


Jennifer, You are SO talented. Thank you for letting me re-post your illustration. And thank you for the kind words. As much as I am working on not caring what others think, it’s still awfully nice to receive such sweet feedback! Thank you again.


wonderful, fresh ideas for moms who want to “unplug” their kids!


Thank you, Ellen, for your sweet comment and all of your support along the way. xoxo


I’m so happy that you’ve decided to blog again. As you know, I’m a grandma & your ideas for things to do with kids inspire me! Love you so much Lizzie!


Thank you so much, Bonnie! It means a lot to me that you took the time to write a comment. I appreciate the encouragement, especially from an awesome mom/grandma/friend/woman like you! ❤️

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